Hall Lottery

The Lottery is very important as the income provides a large proportion of the running cost of the Hall.  The more people who join, the easier it is to run the Hall. 

How it works:  A number costs £12 for a year for 12 draws.  The draw is made at the monthly hall committee meeting which is usually held on the first Sunday of the month.

There is a monthly first prize of £50 and 3 monthly prizes of £10.

If the first number drawn is unallocated there is a roll over and first prize the next month is £75.  If, the next month, the first number drawn is again unallocated there is a second roll over to £100.  At the next meeting numbers are drawn until the £100 is won.  The first prize then reverts to £50 the next month.

The 3 prizes of £10 are won every month. You will find the monthly winners in the hall minutes and they are also published in the Seilachan.

The lottery runs from April to March so if you join now your number will go into the April draw.  (You can join anytime – deduct £1 for each month you have missed).


Over the last year there have been 305 numbers in the draw although there are fewer members as some people have more than one number.


If you would like to join: Click here


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