Letting to local groups

Full responsibility for the building will fall both to the individual and the organisation booking the hall.  They agree to: –

  • Collect the keys as agreed.
  • Leave the Hall clean and tidy.
  • Report any damages / breakages.
  • Leave the Hall secure and return the keys as agreed.

Regular bookings at the club rate are expected to be flexible in accommodating special one-of events such as school concert, public meeting, theatrical event etc.

If a regular user group is not going to use the hall the Booking Secretary must be informed as far in advance as possible.  If the booking is not cancelled in good time the group will be charged.

To avoid damaging the floor stilettos and tackety boots must not be worn in the main hall.

Before a group can use the hall a member of the group must be briefed on Fire Safety Procedures by one of the Fire Safety Officers.  That group member is then responsible for briefing the other members of the group.

The briefing must include: –

  •  The Emergency Plan
  •  The layout of the hall including the location of the emergency exits and fire safety equipment.
  •  Where the safety information about the hall is displayed.
  •  Access to emergency exits must be kept clear of any obstruction
  •  Fire doors must be kept shut
  •  Any portable electrical equipment brought into the hall by the group must have a Portable Electrical Equipment (PAT) certificate.
  •  Electrical equipment must be switched off and where appropriate unplugged before leaving the hall.