Easdale Carpet Bowling Club

The earliest known records of bowls are in the minutes of the AGM of the Seil and Luing Recreation Club held on 19 April 1962. The bowlers were a sub-section of this Club. In March 1964 Easdale Carpet Bowling Club was constituted as a separate organisation and full records of its activities from then onwards are recorded.

The game is played on a table 24 feet long and 3 feet wide using unbiased wooden bowls and the game and its terminology have many affinities with curling. A team (rink) normally consists of four players each playing 2 bowls. In addition singles and doubles competitions are played, mostly with 6 bowls.

The club meets on Monday and Thursday evenings from late October until Easter and plays for a variety of trophies. It also plays in a league with Benderloch, Connel, Craignish, Kilmore, North Connel and Taynuilt. On the first Saturday in February the club hosts an Open Doubles competiton.

The present officebearers are President – Graham Campbell; Secretary – John Blackstock and Treasurer – David Nathan.

The club is always pleased to welcome new members – come and try it in the Autumn.

For further information telephone 01852 300347.